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In the summer of 2017, we lost our baby boy, Max Jr. We were unprepared, scared and heartbroken. Being new to town we knew very few people. We stressed over finding a cemetery to lay Max. The search was hard and sorrowful but we were able to lean on our church administrators for help. They helped us with funeral services and a niche in the parish mausoleum big enough for two and our baby.  

After Max was laid to rest, we visited almost daily. By visiting the cemetery we learned that we were not alone. We had a duty to give back to the community that embraced us in our time of need. Every Sunday after mass we headed to the cemetery to do the little that we could to help maintain the grounds. We learned a new perspective of cemetery needs.  

Then came the time to have our niche shutter engraved. At first, we inquired with a memorial company to have the work done only to find out that they wanted a price that was higher than what we had paid for the niche and baby’s casket combined. It was shocking! Then we worked through an independent engraver whose price was lower but removed the shutter from the cemetery and stored at his residence weeks without providing assurance that work was underway. We had to retrieve the shutter ourselves and place back on our niche that had been left exposed.  

Months went by before we decided to give it another attempt. At that point, we would have engraved ourselves but the equipment was VERY expensive. Again we found another engraver that had to come from out of state to perform the work. He was very professional, performed the work on-site, did a great job and was reasonably priced. The finished product gave us relief.

We discussed ways to give back to the community and the decision was made to start Max Monument Engraving. We are completely committed to monument work and providing cemetery care for those that find themselves in situations they are struggling to understand or remedy. We guarantee our services to be the most dignified, trust-worthy and cost effective. If we cannot live up to that guarantee we will do everything in our power to help you find the right service provider. We offer free estimates and will try and answer any questions you have.  

We have an affinity towards helping those in need, especially regarding the loss of children and for our senior community members needing assistance with dignified cemetery care. If you or someone you know is in this type situation, we encourage you to call us. We will be honored to help and work out an assistance plan that you will not find anywhere else.  

What we want our customers to know is that we did not start this business to exploit emotions, maximize profit, beat competitors, or deliver false promises. We did it because we are Christian, care and want to do good things. We understand our clients because we are them.

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