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Being affordable doesn't mean low quality. It actually means the opposite. We have chosen our prices based on our company values and what we know we can deliver upon.


Monument sales are priced according to what the customer requests. Everyone has individual preferences which will determine the final cost. Customers may inquire about custom monument pricing by contacting us directly and reviewing our monument catalogs. We encourage this to be done graveside so that the customer can easily visualize how their monument will fit into the surrounding landscape.

Prices on individual (one person) monuments are provided below to give the customer an idea of the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Please call us for assistance and more detailed pricing catalogue.

Flat - $795

Bevel - $829

Slant Marker - $925

Slant Base - $265

Upright Marker with Base - $1,175


We utilize a conventional sandblasting process for stone engraving that involves a design process to create a customized monument template. The final template requires thorough customer review and approval before final engraving takes place. Our design software is state of the art and provides vast options to meet customers memorial needs. After design template is approved it is applied to the stone and engraved by means of abrasive sandblasting. The result is what you commonly find on most modern markers.

On-site engraving price is based on what the customer requests. In most situations, we use the industry average pricing for sandblasted engraving outlined here:

$20 for first 20-30 characters (size and number of lines make determination) $8 -$10 for each additional character. 

Price of images vary depending on size and detail.

Average price for an indiviual is $400-$500.


Final dates are generally $250. 

The Carvalho Family told us they "Love the Dove" from our logo and requested it be engraved on their mausoleum niche. It was an amazing honor!!


Our refinishing process involves cleaning the bronze, polishing raised lettering and images, and sealing with a protective coating without removing marker from the cemetery. In addition, we will provide detailed consultation to the customer to help them maintain the bronze on their own.


For factory quality "restoration" please contact us to discuss details. 


Factory quality restoration involves sandblasting to bare bare metal, re-painting background, polishing raised lettering and images, and applying a protective clear coat. This service needs to take place in a factory or off the cemetery grounds to produce the highest quality result. 

On-site Individual (one person) - $100

On-site Companion (two person)- $200

Factory Quality Restoration - Call for quote


We consider bronze vases as part of the marker, therefore, there is no additional charge for vase care. 



All of our services include cleaning of the monument (unless specifically requested not to clean by customer). We consider cleaning to be a minimal  expectation for providing good service and comes at no additional cost when other services are provided.  

Stone monument cleaning prices are subject to condition of stone but generally priced as follows:

Small - $40

Medium -$80

Large - $120

Historic/Aging - Must be inspected prior to pricing and cleaning. 

We only use industry standard and safe cleaning products. 


Paint used to highlight engravings can become weathered over time. We can repaint already engraved stones with the color of choice to help them look refreshed. 

Engraving painting starts at $100.

Painting is included with engraving services. Only high quality, UV-resistent, industry standard stone paint is used. 


Price for setting of new monuments greatly depends on size and requirements set by the cemetery that it is to be placed. The following prices are provided to give customer an idea of prices on individual (one person without foundation) monuments:

Flat - $100 

Bronze with flat base- $200

Bevel - $200

Slant - $250

Upright/Multiple Piece- $350 and up.

Concrete foundation pads price depends on cemetery requirements. 

Resetting and leveling prices are the same as new settings unless significant ground repair is required  or previous concrete work has occurred. 


Repair cost are entirely based on condition.  Each repair has its own challenges and accurate pricing is dependent on expected results. 

Bronze vase that had been run over. This type of repair would cost ~ $75.


We are open to fulfilling special requests that may not be listed here (i.e. Flowers, plot renovations, etc.). Please call or send us a request for your special need.

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